Project S.O.P

Standard Operating Procedures - Construction Project

  1. Visit and fill out the form on the Contact Us link
  2. Confirm Initial Visit to explore desired vision, budget and aspects of project

    a.  Contractor will take measurements and notes throughout meeting

    b.  Client please provide Plat for Property and prepare notes prior to consultation

  3. Contractor will provide e-mailed Estimate and Construction Agreement for Client’s review
  4. Confirm Secondary Visit to follow-up on questions and make adjustments as needed

    a.  Collect 20% of Estimated Project Cost

  5. Contractor will provide Computer Aided Design for Client’s review; once received adjustments can be discussed via e-mail, Zoom, or in person
  6. Once Design in Finalized and approved by Client material deliveries will begin to be scheduled and personnel dispatched to project
  7. Demolition/Preparation will commence

    a.  Collect 30% of Estimated Project Cost first day of Demolition/Preparation

  8. Project will continue and line items of Estimate will be completed

    a.  Remaining 40% of Estimated Project Cost will be divided upon reaching milestones listed in Construction Agreement

  9. Final walkthrough with Client

    a.  Upon completion of all line items of Estimate and Client approval Final 10% balance of Estimated Project Cost is due

  10. Quarterly maintenance plan will be discussed and submitted to Client for review